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Be a winner in The Walk-In Closet’s Famous Name game!

Get your shot at a $25 Walk-In Closet gift certificate by listening to your Hometown Radio Station, KMGK, Smooth Magic 107 FM!

Listen for clue's to a famous person each Prep Sports broadcast on KMGK. Then each Wednesday during the High School sports season, Be the 1st Caller to name the famous person, in an attempt to win a Walk-In Closet Gift Certificate!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)…

  1. When do I hear the clues? At least one code word, possibly more, will be announced during the Walk-In Closet Mid-Game report, which is part of every High School Sports broadcast on KMGK in 2012-13. This is the simplest way to acquire the clue(s) to play the “Famous Name”.
  2. When does the Mid-Game Report air? The Walk-In Closet Mid-Game Report airs during these occasions: (a) at Halftime of each Prep Football, Soccer, and Basketball game; (b) after the second game (set) of a Prep Volleyball match; (c) after the 145 pound match of a Varsity Wrestling dual meet; (d) after the second period of a Prep Hockey game; and (e) after the 3rd inning of a Prep Baseball or Softball game.
  3. What do I do with the clues? Commit them to memory….jot the clues for that week on a post-it note….stick the words on the refrigerator or bulletin board….or enter them into your smart phone or other communication device. Each clue that is announced will be used for the “Famous Name” the following Wednesday.
  4. When is The Walk-In Closet “Famous Name” played? The radio game will be played on KMGK each Wednesday following a High School sports broadcast, between 11 AM and 1 PM. The invitation to play the “Famous Name” will be given during the “Lunch at the Lakeside” program.
  5. How many code words end up being used for each week’s “Password Scramble”? Only the code words that were announced during the previous week’s High School sports broadcasts on KMGK (in this case, one week would be from the previous Wednesday, up to the following Tuesday).
  6. How do I win in The Walk-In Closet’s “Password Scramble”? Use the code words issued during the previous week’s games to come up with a certain phrase (the password). The password will always have at least two words, and possibly up to 12 words. All code words given on KMGK during The Walk-In Closet Mid-Game Report will be used in the contest the following Wednesday. The first person that can call in with the correct password, using the code words from the previous week, wins a $25 gift certificate from the Walk-In Closet, on East Minnesota Avenue, in Downtown Glenwood….offering Quality Women’s Consignment Fashions!
  7. I love the Minnewaska Laker game broadcasts on KMGK, but don’t prefer to listen to games involving other schools. Is there an alternate way that I can receive the code words from a game not involving Minnewaska Area? Sorry….you’re out of luck. Refer to question 1 above. Now, maybe you can network with friends to find out code words for games that you are not able to listen to, but as noted earlier, the simplest way to acquire code word(s) for the “Password Scramble” is to listen to EACH Walk-In Closet Mid-Game Report that airs on KMGK during High School Sports coverage.
  8. Can I win more than one Walk-In Closet $25 gift certificate? Yes. But once you win, you are ineligible from winning another prize for at least 30 days from the date of your victory.
  9. Who can play? There is no age minimum, and all genders are welcome to play. Employees and immediate family of KMGK Radio/Branstock Communications and the Walk-In Closet are not eligible to win in The Walk-In Closet’s “Password Scramble”.